Bridging the gap between therapy and your daily life.

Bridging the gap between a therapy or personal training appointment and exercises at home, the SMARTherapist app enable clients to follow the advice of their therapist or trainer in between appointments.

With the SMARTherapist app, practitioners – from physios to speech therapists, osteos to myotherapists – can record patients doing exercises on their smartphones during the appointment, so patients can review and recall how the exercise should be done and monitor their progress from home.

Using SMARTherapist when doing the suggested exercises at home, patients can record the level of pain felt, number of repetitions, resistance and more. All this information is sent directly to the therapist/trainer, who can monitor the wellness and recovery of their clients and facilitate more productive therapy/training sessions.

The app also holds information on different injuries, conditions and exercises and has a search facility to find recommended therapists/trainers in your area.